Read the letter David Alan Gore sent to Angela Hommell before his April 12 execution.

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Carl and Jeanne Elliott, whose daughter, Lynn, was the last victim of serial killer David Alan Gore, approached the Press Journal to publicly thank those who have supported their family in the last three decades. Gore was executed April 12 after being on death row for 28 years, convicted of Lynn’s murder.

After 28 years on death row, Gore’s death sentence was executed on Thursday. Some say nearly three decade worth of appeals on someone who admitted to six murders was way too long.

Mike and John Gore didn’t make the trip from South Carolina to visit with their father on the day of his execution. Mike, 38, believes his father deserved to be executed. John, 30, has a different view than his older brother.

Before former State Attorney Bob Stone in 1984 convicted David Alan Gore for murdering Lynn Elliott the year before, he visited her grave and vowed he’d see justice was done in her case. He kept that promise Thursday by attending Gore’s execution via lethal injection — the first death sentence the former prosecutor, now private attorney, had ever witnessed.

About three dozen people gathered about half an hour before Lynn Elliott’s convicted killer, David Alan Gore, was put to death Thursday evening by lethal injection at Florida State Prison in Starke.

See the Indian River Press Journal front pages from April 9-13, 2012, leading up to and after serial killer David Alan Gore’s execution on April 12.

Carl and Jeanne Elliott were front and center for David Alan Gore’s execution, which was as it should be. They had waited nearly 29 years for this day.

Law enforcement, victims’ families and others made statements after Gore was pronounced dead at 6:19 p.m. Thursday. Gore also made a final verbal and written statement.

A lethal injection killed Gore, 58, shortly after 6 p.m. Thursday at Florida State Prison in Starke, state Department of Corrections officials announced. Gore gave a hand-written statement before the execution process started.

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